Helping people to live happy and healthy lives

Our vision is for a society where all citizens can live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.

For this to be possible, the basic building blocks of our services and society must be fit for purpose, working well and sustainably funded.

As we recover from successive national and international crises, our country faces huge challenges. But these are not insurmountable.

We see a future where our housing, health and social care, education, transport and welfare services work together to support our communities to flourish.

Secure the future of public services

Effective, timely and accessible public services are essential to support people and communities to flourish.

Government must support and recognise the role of charities and volunteers in delivering high quality and effective public services.

We want the next government to:

  • improve co-ordination, oversight and funding of services within and across departments and organisations. This includes providing long-term sustainable funding so public service organisations can engage charities and volunteers
  • ensure commissioning and procurement systems are fit for purpose. Systems should provide flexibility so charities can innovate and adapt services to meet people’s needs. They should also focus on purpose and outcomes rather than process
  • guarantee grants and contracts for public services are accessible for all types and sizes of charities and are funded effectively. This will ensure volunteers can be engaged and managed well alongside any paid staff
  • promote the voluntary sector’s role in delivering public services. The government should develop the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCSE) Contract Readiness Fund. This will build the capacity of small and medium sized charities to participate in public service delivery
  • reduce unnecessary competition, bureaucracy and difficult grant and contract terms
  • encourage and facilitate partnership working between charities and public bodies, as well as between service providers.

Take a preventative approach

Charities and volunteers play a vital role in preventing people from experiencing challenges or crises. Charities and communities should be engaged in co-production early on to improve services.

Addressing inequality is also vital to prevent other poor life outcomes. With our public services facing unprecedented strain and levels of demand, government needs to review and change how funding and resource is allocated.

This will give services and organisations the freedom to take a preventative approach.

We want the next government to:

  • recognise and fund the preventative role of charities and volunteering. This includes investment in social and volunteering infrastructure
  • co-produce services with charities and communities
  • ensure all policymaking and service design reduces inequality.

Improve the quality and access of public services

People rely on government to provide the services and support they need, whether that’s delivered by charities, public sector organisations or a combination.

We want the next government to:

  • increase funding and support for early years, schools and post-16 education
  • improve support for children with special educational needs and disabilities
  • invest in transport across the country. There should be an increased focus on green, sustainable and accessible transport.

Protect health and welfare

We want the next government to:

  • ensure people can easily access the support they’re entitled to from the welfare system in a timely way
  • improve health and social care services. The government should recognise the integral role charities play in delivering services and addressing wider health inequalities. Services should focus on prevention and ensuring people can lead good lives
  • improve support for those with the worst health outcomes
  • put addressing health inequalities at the core of policy decisions.

Provide high quality housing

We want the next government to:

  • build more high quality, energy efficient, accessible and safe homes across the country
  • rapidly increase the amount of housing made available, both to those renting social housing and through the private rental housing market
  • ensure the planning system in England is in line with climate targets and budgets, adaptation plans, and nature goals.

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This page was last reviewed for accuracy on 18 October 2023