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Introducing NCVO’s new president and ambassador

Learn more about our new president, Baroness Delyth Morgan, and ambassador, Lord Simon Woolley.

We’re delighted to welcome Baroness Delyth Morgan as the new president of NCVO. This is an exciting moment for us and the voluntary sector.

Baroness Morgan’s distinguished career spans over three decades within the breast cancer community. She has the insight we need to bolster our mission and create change for our members.

From her pioneering work at Breakthrough Breast Cancer, to her tireless advocacy for enhanced screening access, her commitment to effecting change resonates deeply.

Her time as a government minister will be extremely helpful as we plan our parliamentary engagement after the general election.

We're also excited to bring on board Lord Simon Woolley as our new ambassador.

Lord Woolley has been an instrumental figure advocating for the advancement of black MPs and building political engagement across global majority communities.

Lord Woolley's leadership as the founder of Operation Black Vote has been nothing short of transformative.

We’re thrilled to welcome them both and look forward to working with them as we embed our new strategy.

These appointments kick start a new era of progress and innovation for NCVO. With their collective expertise, passion, and strategic vision, we will continue our journey towards a more vibrant and impactful voluntary sector.

Baroness Delyth Morgan

Delyth Morgan has dedicated 30 years to supporting the breast cancer community, combining her scientific background with a passion for advocacy.

Her journey began in activism during her university days. She led campaigns at Shelter before becoming Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s inaugural chief executive in 1995. In that role, she oversaw the establishment of key research initiatives and campaigned for improved screening and diagnosis processes.

In 2005, Delyth entered the House of Lords and served as a government minister for four years. Returning to the charity sector in 2011, she orchestrated the merger of three leading breast cancer charities, forming the organisation we know today.

Delyth is driven by personal connections and inspired by the stories of those affected by breast cancer. She remains a dedicated campaigner and leader, motivated by the impact she can make alongside her expert colleagues.

Lord Simon Woolley

Lord Simon Woolley is a well-known advocate for social justice and equality. He founded Operation Black Vote (OBV) in 1996 and led initiatives to empower ethnic minorities in the UK.

He served as an equality and human rights commissioner from 2009 to 2012. In 2018, he was appointed by prime minister Theresa May to lead the Race Disparity Unit, focusing on ethnicity's impact on society.

Throughout his career Lord Woolley has addressed representation issues and developed leaders, notably increasing the number of MPs from minority backgrounds from 4 to 65.

He was knighted in 2019 in recognition of his work and sits in the House of Lords. He advocates for equality and diversity nationally and internationally, emphasising the importance of inclusion and opportunity for all.

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