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Feedback from 'A Day in the Life' 2016/17

We ran an evaluation survey for participants of the 2016/17 scheme.

Of the government respondents whose shadowing day took place:

  • 96% felt that their department should take part in the scheme again this year
  • 95% felt that taking part had improved their knowledge of how the voluntary sector works
  • 98% felt that the programme was very or quite worthwhile
  • 81% felt that it let them raise awareness of what their own organisation does.

Of the voluntary sector respondents whose shadowing day took place:

  • 97% felt that the programme was very or quite worthwhile
  • 84% felt that taking part had increased their knowledge of how a government department operates on a day-to-day basis
  • 84% felt that their organisation should take part in the scheme this year
  • 56% felt that it gave them the opportunity to demonstrate the importance of their work to government.

Feedback from government department staff

[The highlight was] building a working relationship with an organisation which can have real world significance for both us and them.

An excellent scheme that provides great gains with very little effort.

This has been genuinely a life changing experience for me

Excellent. Great insight into a different sector.

Brilliant opportunity to experience policy development from the other side!

Was very interesting and allowed me to see different ways of working which I can apply to my own job

Feedback from voluntary sector staff

I never really knew or had never considered what went on behind the scenes (or headlines!) It was very enlightening to get the real picture.

My match has been brilliant. And has introduced me to people who can help my organisation.

The highlight of the day was being able to visit a government facility that only few get to see.

Great opportunity to build partnerships and see how the civil service works.

I thought it was fantastic - a few fascinating days shadowing each other and virtually cost-free. It will be beneficial to both of us in terms of personal development but also immensely helpful to our organisations. This was in large part due to the open and engaging attitude of my partner.

Such an excellent idea and development opportunity. My match organised an excellent day for me with lots of meetings to learn a lot about their working practices.

An excellent opportunity, a hugely valuable 2 days and something which will have an impact on my day to day role.

It's a great idea and I enjoyed participating. It's actually as useful to have someone shadow you and have an external perspective on your role and organisation as the other way around.

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