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The stages of consortium development

To develop a consortium, you should work through the following steps. The pages linked from this list below take you through the work you need to do at each stage, and what the outcomes should be.

  1. Pre-start-up scoping and planning

    Guidance on scoping and planning before you set up a voluntary-sector consortium

  2. Formation of working group

    How to form the initial working group that will help partners set up a consortium

  3. Development funding

    An outline of how much funding is required to establish a voluntary sector consortium, and some of the potential funding sources

  4. Stakeholder engagement

    Why you need to engage stakeholders such as commissioners and local organisations in your consortium development, and how to involve them

  5. Operational development and consortium documents

    An overview of the key policies and procedures that will support the operational running of a consortium

  6. Incorporation and establishment of interim board

    A guide to becoming an incorporated company

  7. Membership recruitment and due diligence

    How to formally launch your consortium and invite organisations to join

  8. Set up central management hub

    How to set up the central hub that will run the consortium business, scope for contracts, network with commissioners and bring in contracts

  9. Bid for and win contracts

    How consortium members can work together to bid for, and hopefully win, contracts

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