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'A Day in the Life' FAQs

Are the visits a direct swap between staff?

No, the visits take place on separate days. You host your partner at your organisation on one day, and he or she hosts you at theirs on another day. Both visits can take place between January and April 2019.

What obligations do I have to the person I have been matched with?

The A Day In The Life scheme is a two day commitment- your partner visits you for a day, and you visit them in turn. You need to organise a day that gives your partner an insight into your work as an individual and/or as an organisation. For example, this might include arranging meetings with your colleagues, demonstrating some of your recent work or visiting some of your beneficiaries.

Is there any charge for the work shadowing scheme?

No, the scheme is free of charge to the staff of civil society organisations in England and the employees of participating government departments

I think it would be more useful for my work shadow partner to spend the day with one of my colleagues when they visit. Is this possible?

It's not a problem for your partner to visit another team or colleague if you think it would give them a better insight into your work as an organisation. Simply make the necessary arrangements with your colleagues and your partner.

I would like to shadow my partner for more than one day - is this possible?

Yes. If you can arrange it with your partner and your employer, NCVO are more than happy for participants to shadow each other for more than a day. However, it is your responsibility to get express permission from your individual employers.

How should I prepare for my work shadowing day?

To get the most out of their days, participants can contact their partner prior to their swap to discuss their aims and suitable activities. Some participants find it useful to use a template to plan their partner’s day.

Read ‘Planning your day in the life’ for help and planning tools.

Do I have to travel to London to take part in the scheme?

'A Day in the Life' is open to all civil society staff from across England. However, participating government departments are largely based in London so the majority of placements are there (although a significant number of departmental staff are based in other parts of England).

Do NCVO pay any expenses?

No, NCVO are unable to offer expenses.

What level of seniority are participants of 'A Day in the Life'?

'A Day in the Life' is open to all levels of seniority, from chief execs to admin staff.

Do I have to be a member of NCVO to participate in the scheme?

No, you don't need to be a member of NCVO.

Is it possible for more than one member of staff from the same organisation to participate?

Yes, more than one person can make an application from the same organisation. There are no limits on the number of applications from VCS organisation. Government departments do have a limited number of places available.

Does NCVO vet applicants?

NCVO is unable to vet applicants. Please also check your organisation’s visitor policy before you apply for the A Day In The Life scheme. These vary between organisations, but could, for example, include specific arrangements that need to be made with regards to security, data protection and confidentiality.

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