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In today’s fast-changing and uncertain times, how can you engage your employees by showing them you hold the same values they do? How can you empower them to make important problem-solving and strategic decisions and how can you ensure their skills and competencies evolve and work with the business needs in mind?

Step on Board, our full service board-level volunteering programme, offers an unparalleled opportunity for your employees and your organisation, while also contributing to societal development.

Introducing Step on Board

Step on Board is a more innovative, cost-effective and sustainable way of benefiting from professional development. Taking employees beyond the traditional avenues of leadership training and formal management education, this comprehensive and tailored programme will provide employees with training, skills-matching and coaching, culminating in an impact assessment for your organisation.

What does it mean to be a trustee?

By volunteering as a trustee or non-exec board member, your employee will be utilising their skills and experience to improve the performance of the charity and provide the strategic guidance and support needed to achieve their aims. Making important decisions on how the charity operates is a key responsibility of being a trustee and these decisions will have a great impact on both the charity and the community it serves.

What does it mean to the organisation?

Step on Board is tailored to your organisation’s corporate responsibility strategic aims and can be incorporated into learning and development programmes. By being part of this programme you will be:

  • developing your employees’ skills and competencies
  • advancing your brand's reputation for responsible corporate conduct and continually improving its positive impact on the community, enhancing brand recognition and trust
  • increasing levels of employee satisfaction and engagement

What does it mean to the employee?

Trustee volunteering has enormous benefits, both from a personal satisfaction and professional development perspective:

  • sharing expertise to contribute to societal development
  • broadening interests and actualising board aspirations
  • acquiring and developing new skills and competencies to take back to the workplace, such as negotiation skills, strategic development, leadership, teamwork, patience and vision

Good for you. Good for your organisation. Good for our society

Join the likes of Barclays, Mischon de Reya and make a difference to your organisation, your employees and to your community.

To find out more and to discuss your individual needs, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Corporate Relationships Manager. 

Existing Step on Board clients

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How can you harness the skills and experience of your senior employees and emerging leaders to support the voluntary sector? The Step on Board programme will complement and add value to your corporate social responsibility strategy as well as honing the leadership skills of your employees.  


Read about the process in more detail.

Support materials

NCVO’s consulting team benefits from our unique experience in volunteer research and sector policy, to offer support on effective governance and performance. Our team are able to provide a review of your governance system using our unique Governance Wheel tool to analyse and improve trustee and board effectiveness, helping you and your board deliver the impact you seek.

Additional information:

Find out how this programme could benefit your employees in a way that regular management training cannot and, in a much more cost effective way. 

To find out more and to discuss your individual needs, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Corporate Relationships Manager.

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