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Helping your board meet their responsibilities

Helping your board to understand and meet their responsibilities

  1. Meeting your responsibilities as a board

    All trustees must take responsibility for and use their skills and experience to inform decisions that benefit the charity.

  2. Equity, diversity and inclusion at board level

    Understanding more about how equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) play a role

  3. Finance

    Understanding board finances

  4. Funding

    Funding the work of boards and covering the costs of a charity

  5. Managing people

    Board members will need to make sure that the charity follows current employment law if the charity employs individuals.

  6. Risk

    All charities face risk. It could be the risk of losing money, injuring clients, bad publicity, or losing key staff or volunteers. Risk is not always a bad thing, without risk there's often no reward.

  7. Strategy

    Strategy can be seen as a means of mobilising an organisation to get to its future.

  8. Reporting

    How to keep your reporting up to date

  9. How to manage risk

    A seven step guide to risk management process.

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