Essential mentoring and befriending skills

What sort of conversations take place in a mentoring or befriending relationship? This course is intended to help you experience or refresh your understanding of the essential skills and techniques that underpin successful mentoring and befriending relationships. It is a highly interactive day designed to build skills and knowledge, and boost your confidence.

Date 12 October 2018
Time 09.30–16.30
Location NCVO Conference Suite, London N1

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By the end of the day you will:

  • be aware of the fundamental principles of an effective mentoring and befriending relationship
  • have learned about the shared skills on the mentoring and befriending spectrum and the ones which differ
  • be aware of the stages in a mentoring and befriending journey and the key skills needed at each stage
  • know how to use a framework for a mentoring and befriending conversation which helps to establish consistency across conversations, and enable better evaluation of progress
  • understand how to establish and build a positive connection with the service user from the outset
  • have enhanced your listening skills so you tune quickly into service user experiences, and therefore respond more effectively
  • are able to use questions that encourage and support progress across different mentoring and befriending contexts
  • know some resilience building conversational techniques to help you respond effectively to issues or challenges that emerge
  • understand how to boost and sustain service user engagement throughout the relationship
  • be able to manage the end of the relationship in a way that affirms the experience for both client and mentor/befriender
  • know how to resource service users so they are more able to self-manage once the mentoring and befriending relationship ends.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is interested in developing a practical understanding of the essential communication skills and conversational techniques to support effective mentoring and befriending relationships, and thereby gain a better understanding of what mentoring and befriending is in practice.

This will include managers and co-ordinators who want to support volunteers to be effective in their roles, those involved in training volunteers, those interested in developing a service or those who are interested in your personal skill development.

Who runs this course?

Jane Townsend is an experienced trainer, mentor and facilitator who has supported a wide range of community organisations to develop the mentoring and befriending skills and confidence of their volunteers and staff. Her experience of working across diverse organisations means she has a good understanding of the needs and challenges facing volunteers in being effective mentors and befrienders. Jane also draws on her own experiences a long-term volunteer and befriender in her own time.

Jane has a specialist background in communication and development, and is a fully qualified coach and mentor. Her broader training experience includes developing managers and leaders, supporting others to become qualified mentors, supervising mentors and coaches. She works across diverse sectors, including healthcare, national charities, housing, government and larger corporate entities.

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Not for you?

We have a 2 day course to help you set up your mentoring and befriending project on 13 and 14 June in Birmingham and 27 and 28 September in London.

We also have an introduction to coaching course on 6 July in London.

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