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Corporate relations

We’re here to connect you with the not for profit sector and help build sustainable and measurable outcomes that support your company's corporate social responsibility aims.

What we do is unique. It’s bespoke and it's built around your company. We work with organisations like yours every day to create meaningful, purposeful and collaborative partnerships and provide platforms to reach the wider charity marketplace. We identify what you want to achieve and utilise our relationships, resources and services to help you get there. And we work with you to put the right pathways, evaluation methods and connections in place to ensure our partnership thrives.

Because our work supports charities and voluntary organisations across the UK we have a unique insight into their needs and can work with you to share your skills and expertise to provide effective solutions.

Together, we’ll build more than just a partnership. We’ll make a real and sustainable difference in society.

What we offer

Partnering with us will support your business aims and strategic priorities through our six partnership pillars.

  1. Supporting and shaping workplace values
  2. Building a collaborative workplace culture
  3. Connecting corporate and non-profit relationships
  4. Sharing knowhow, driving innovation and research
  5. Shaping social and environmental change
  6. Making a real sustainable difference in society

We’re committed to ensuring each partnership is personalised. Our business development team, specialist trainers and consultants will work with you to deliver the right services, products and programmes to deliver success.

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