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Title page

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Every business plan should have a title page. At the very least, it should tell you:

  • the name of the organisation
  • the period that the plan covers
  • when the plan was written.

However, you could try to make your cover page more interesting.

Think about who your plan is for: are you going to publish on your website? Are you sending it to your key funders or donors?

You could use an image or graphics on the cover, as well as a strapline. This helps show that your business plan is a live document, intended to be read and used.

What period does your plan cover?

Most business plans are for three or five years. It’s important to state this on the cover, as it will help the reader visualise your plans.

Some business plans cover a much shorter period: for example, if you’re going through a financial or operational crisis, you might have a one-year business plan that focuses on sorting things out and learning lessons before you start planning longer term.

This page was last reviewed for accuracy on 04 July 2022

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