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First, make sure you have the right set up for the interview.

  • Have you got at least two people on the panel that are trained in safeguarding and recruitment?
  • Have you created open questions that assess the candidates understanding and experience of good safeguarding practice? Are they appropriate to that role?
  • Have you created questions that explore people’s values and push them to give examples of their actions?
  • Do you have the right skills for the question types you are using? For example, a type called Warner Questions, used by organisations working directly with children. However, they should only be used by Warner trained interviewers.
  • Could you include the people the candidates will work with? Either as a practical session, a representative on a panel or an informal discussion.

Worrying traits to watch out for include:

  • lack of understanding of safeguarding, or limitations to that understanding
  • not providing examples to support their answers
  • using inappropriate language to describe people
  • unwilling to follow rules, procedures or work with others.

This page was last reviewed for accuracy on 06 December 2018

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