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Deciding what you will do and how

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Use this page to select the right tools to help you make good decisions.

How to make good decisions

With a clear direction in mind and an understanding of your landscape and conditions, you can then make decisions about what you will focus on.

By this point, you’ll have a range of ideas about what you might do (which we talk about further on our page on understanding your landscape and conditions)

Making good decisions is about:

  • Turning vague ideas into clear options
  • Working out which options are feasible
  • Prioritising options and deciding what’s most important
  • Understanding what tradeoffs there will be (when deciding to do something means you won’t be able to do something else)

Making decisions requires careful judgements. It’s likely there are a number of options for how to achieve your vision. These options need to be explored to make informed decisions. At all times you should keep your organisation’s mission in mind.

Tools to help with making decisions

There are a number of tools to help. These can be used by organisations of all sizes.

These tools work best in workshops, as you need to involve people with a range of perspectives and experience in considering options and making decisions.

Last reviewed: 04 July 2022

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