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What is strategy?

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Use this page to learn about what strategy is and how it can help your organisation.

Defining strategy

A strategy is a set of high-level decisions that set priorities and purpose.

Developing a strategy involves making decisions about:

  • your organisation’s purpose and direction
  • how you’ll direct your resources to deliver it.

What to include in a strategy

The main parts of a strategy are:

  1. A vision – a powerful description of the future; it's about how you want the future to be
  2. A mission – why you exist and how you contribute to achieving your vision
  3. Values – how you will work and behave
  4. A set of goals – what you will do to bring about your strategy

A strategy can also include other things. For example, a summary of how the world around you is changing, or information on how you will understand the difference you’re making.

How having a strategy can help your organisation

Developing and following a strategy can help you to:

  • Make better decisions – when deciding what actions to take, or how to spend your money and time, a strategy provides a basis for making good decisions.
  • Adapt to change – by understanding what's changing around you and how you need to respond, you can make sure your organisation's set up well to respond to change.
  • Focus on what you’re best at – by identifying your strengths, you can deliver more impact.
  • Collaborate – by identifying organisations to work with, you can achieve more together.
  • Inspire and motivate – a strategy can inspire your staff, volunteers, supporters and partners, helping them to move towards a shared aim.
  • Demonstrate your impact – a strategy provides a starting point to understand and communicate the change you’re making.

Read our guidance on creating the right strategy process for your organisation.

Last reviewed: 04 July 2022

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