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Formation of working group

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This is the second stage of developing a voluntary-sector consortium – forming the initial working group that will steer the partners through the initial development stages.

Before you get to this stage, you should have already competed the outcomes of the scoping and planning stage.

Outcomes for this stage

An established group of individuals representing a broad range of organisations, each with delegated authority from their own organisation to make decisions and drive the consortium development forward.

Key activities for this stage

  1. Form a working group – this can be done through agreement or election at an open meeting.
  2. The working group should then:

Success factors

This working group should consist of senior staff or trustees of the founding group of organisations. Measures will be put in place later on to ensure that this group does not form an exclusive club.

The group should have the:

  • capacity to attend regular working meetings
  • authority to make decisions.

The working group should see the development through all stages of consortium development, then stand down. Some should stand for election to the first proper board to ensure a strong degree of business continuity.

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