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Finding comparisons of software and digital tools

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Be sure your investment in software and digital tools pay off by doing a thorough comparison.

  • Work out what you want to achieve and how it will help people

If you need help with that there’s our step by step guide to choosing new software or tools.

  • Find different tools in a similar category and compare them
  • Negotiate the best deal you can for the software or tool that you want

Some up to date guides for community groups and charities

Fundraising platforms

For a comparison of 15 different platforms for collecting donations and sponsorship. Best online fundraising platforms for charities.

Video conferencing software

Find notes on currently popular platforms, plus questions you need to think about and a grid to help you compare platforms yourself. Comparing video conferencing software.

DIY website building tools

A comparison of six different sites that let you build your own website. Comparing website building tools. You might also like our guide to planning to build a website.

Comparing content management systems for websites

Make sure you understand the choices your developers are asking you to make. Find out about the big three systems of Drupal, Wordpress and Wagtail. Comparing content management systems.

Online survey builders

Compare the most popular systems by working out what you need. It focuses on what is and isn’t available in the free version. Comparing online survey tools.

Understanding systems and tools for sharing eLearning

This compares the different ways you can share your eLearning rather than the software itself. For each different approach, several tools are named, so that once you’ve decided what type of system you need you can compare what is available. Understanding systems and tools for sharing eLearning.

Choosing a database

If you want to keep track of the people you support and improve how you monitor, evaluate and assess the impact of your activities this will help. It’s useful for other types of database, but not specialist fundraisers databases. Choosing a database.

Other places to find comparisons of software and tools

Charity Digital helps groups and organisations get the most out of digital. They’ve a mixture of sponsored content and objective reviews. They’ll always tell you if you’re reading sponsored content. Explore the Charity Digital website.

TechRadar is a respected website that compares lots of different tools for general business. Try their Try the TechRadar reviews page.

Last reviewed: 02 March 2021

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