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Rolling out software and tools across an organisation

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Use this page for practical tips on ways to drive software and technology adoption within your organisation.

Create a communications strategy for the project

Creating a communications strategy is an important part of this process. Your staff, or volunteers, need to understand what the new software or technology does, how it will affect them and what change to expect.

Regular communications are key and can include:

  • emails and newsletters
  • videos
  • podcasts or voice notes
  • infographics
  • datasheets
  • handouts.

Think about your audience, how they like to be communicated to. You don’t have to stick to one medium. For example, one week you can send a newsletter to your staff and volunteers with an update. The next week send them information in the form of an infographic or video.

By using different forms of information, you're more likely to keep your employees engaged and invested in your organisation’s digital journey.

Once employees have learnt how to use the new technology or software, it's important they understand how they'll be applying it.

One way to do this, as part of your communications strategy, is to produce a diagram that outlines the new software and the exact scenarios to use it. You could also create infographics that show the day in the life of someone who's using the technology and what that achieves.

Find organisations that offer guides to communications strategy and planning.


Providing training to your employees is probably the most important aspect of driving adoption within your organisation. It's an opportunity to ensure your staff and volunteers are comfortable with the new software and can get their questions answered.

Consider the points below.

  • The type of training sessions you want to offer and how long for.
  • If it's mandatory or optional.
  • What resources you do have?
  • Can you offer live training sessions held in person or online, or a recorded video that's hosted online and distributed to all employees?

Store resources and training materials in one place

Offering one central destination for all your resources and training material is a great way for staff and volunteers to feel supported. It also ensures they know where to go to learn more.

Here are some tips on what to keep in your hub.

  • Downloadable or printable quick tip guides
  • Videos
  • Release timetables for updates and when people will receive the new software
  • A question and answer section where people can get answers from peers or champions
  • Training plans

Tracking progress

Keep your roll out and adoption plans under review. Once everyone’s familiar with the technology and knows how to use it, track the data to see exactly how many are using it and whether it’s being used fully. Use this data to help shape any future training sessions or communications within the organisation.

Read our guidance on bringing on board your senior leadership team and trustees.

This page was last reviewed for accuracy on 02 March 2021

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