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IRIS FMP – payroll services supplier

IRIS FMP Payroll Services offers a range of payroll solutions to support your organisation through a completely/partly outsourced payroll service.

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 IRIS FMP Payroll Services

15% discount for NCVO members on all payroll services.

Services offered

  • BACS-registered payroll solutionNCVO trustedsupplier21 logo colour
  • Fast, reliable and secure payroll processing service
  • Supported by a team of qualified payroll professionals

About IRIS FMP Payroll Services

IRIS FMP Payroll Services is a BACS registered payroll outsourcing solution. Using their HMRC approved software, IRIS FMP Payroll Services becomes the organisation's payroll department – ensuring a fast, reliable and secure payroll processing service.

Fully compliant with all legislation, your organisation will benefit from the latest payroll technology and be reassured by a team of qualified payroll professionals.

IRIS FMP Payroll Services, formerly FMP Payroll Services, is a global provider of recruitment and human capital management (HCM) software and services.

Read IRIS FMP's opinion: What I wish I’d asked my payroll outsourcer before I signed the contract (PDF 74 KB).

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