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Leonard Consultancy - Safeguarding services supplier

Leonard Consultancy are an independent organisation with specialist experience in the fields of assessment and interventions in child, adult and public protection.

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Leonard Consultancy provides training, consultancy and practice to

criminal justice, child protection, religious, educational,

social care organisations and academic institutions.

Although Leonard Consultancy is based in Northern Ireland, they have associates based in England and are insured and

regularly practice, train and provide consultancy worldwide.


  • Training: Leonard Consultancy believes in the importance of training in empowering practitioners to enhance their skills in working within the complexity of child, adult and public protection. All training is designed specifically for the target audience to ensure the best learning outcomes are achieved.
  • Consultancy: They provide consultancy for individual practitioners and organisations in their clinical practice as well as developing strategic approaches to child, adult and public protection and safeguarding. All consultancy is designed and agreed on an individual identified need.
  • Practice: Their team of associates accept referrals for a range of practice, including:
    • Developing and reviewing safeguarding policies and procedures
    • Assessing persons who pose or alleged to pose a sexual and / or physical violence risk to children and / or adults
    • Assessing the ability to protect by parents, carers and those in Trust positions
    • Delivery of therapeutic interventions for children, adolescents and adults
    • Undertaking serious case reviews
    • Developing bespoke processes for organisations to manage risk


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