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London Gypsies and Travellers

London Gypsies & Travellers aim to support Gypsies and Travellers in London as they seek to gain greater control over their lives, more influence on the decisions that affect them, more opportunities and an end to discrimination they experience every day.

'Trusted Charity has really helped to nail our internal operations, so that we can continue to deliver our outward facing services at the highest possible levels.'

In this case study, admin and operations support Richard Lush tells us about their Trusted Charity journey, and how a small organisation has achieved the Quality Mark for the third time and managed to implement the standards into the way the organisation runs.

Before you decided to use Trusted Charity, what were the key things you wanted to improve in your organisation?

The key things we wanted to improve was our overall process/procedure flow within the charity. Creating robust processes and procedures to follow as well as making them more transparent with staff. The overall quality of what we are doing has improved greatly, introducing more depth to how we record our internal processes and procedures as well as how we are systematically filing them.

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What have been the overall benefits of achieving the Trusted Charity Mark?

We have improved a lot of internal processes/procedures. This has in turn meant that we have been able to tighten up, record and improve in a lot of areas. Not that we were doing bad, but the documentation side of things has vastly improved.

How would you describe the effects of the Trusted Charity Mark assessment journey on your organisation?

Going through the Trusted Charity Mark has opened up areas that we were not focused on as much as we should have been. Internal policies, processes and procedures have all been improved as a direct result of working towards Trusted Charity.

In your opinion, what is the importance of the Trusted Charity quality standard for the sector?

Having the Trusted Charity Mark is just like having the ISO 9001 (or similar) quality management systems. It’s an industry standard that shows that you are working and operating at a specific level that is recognised within the wider charitable community.

It allows charities to show that they have robust working processes in place as well as highlight the overall work that the charity does amongst staff to ensure fair working environments are adhered to.

Are there any practical tips you would give to another organisation hoping to achieve the Trusted Charity Mark?

Definitely take time to put work in to make sure you are working at a sensible level. Take the opportunity to review everything that you are doing. It’s a great way to see what’s working, what not so well and what support you need internally to be working at a sensible level. It’s a really good operational sense check.

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