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Luton Irish Forum: using PQASSO as an organisational health check

While originally set up to safeguard the needs of the Irish residents in Luton, Luton Irish Forum is now a truly representative community organisation serving Luton’s diverse vulnerable and socially excluded people. Their activities and events which promote health and wellbeing, improve quality of life and increase social inclusion are accessed thousands of times annually.

luton irish forumLuton Irish Forum decided to implement PQASSO as they felt PQASSO gave them an opportunity to carry out a general organisational health check to recognise and celebrate the organisation's strengths and develop the areas that required it.

Through implementing PQASSO, and subsequently working through the PQASSO Quality Mark process to achieve the assurance award, real tangible progress was made within the organisation:

  • PQASSO enabled the organisation to improve its capacity to better manage workload, volunteers and income generation.
  • It gave staff and their stakeholders the reassurance that they have a motivated team, are a quality service and are sustainable.
  • It enabled them to have better management of, and invest in ICT, freeing up the time of the chief officer to allow her to concentrate on key functions.
  • PQASSO has helped them to focus on staffing levels and the roles that are required to further organisational objectives, as opposed to ‘plugging the gaps’ with overstretched staff.
  • Following advice during the assessment process, the organisation have developed a more robust senior leadership team.

They said:

PQASSO is a friendly health check that makes you even more fit for purpose!
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