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Trusted Charity

Trusted Charity has now been transferred to The Growth Company. It is also an NCVO Trusted Supplier.

To see how this change affects your organisation, please see our Trusted Charity transfer page.

If you are a new organisation considering applying for Trusted Charity, please:

  • visit the Growth Company's Trusted Charity website
  • email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What is Trusted Charity?

Trusted Charity is a quality standard that starts with a self-assessment. It is designed to enable staff, volunteers and trustees to get involved in assessing how well their organisation is doing.

The self-assessment process involves people in the organisation making judgements and providing evidence about the organisation’s performance against the defined Trusted Charity indicators aligned with the 11 quality areas.

The Trusted Charity quality areas

  1. Governance
  2. Planning
  3. Leadership and management
  4. User-centred service
  5. Managing people
  6. Learning and development
  7. Managing money
  8. Managing resources
  9. External communications
  10. Working with others
  11. Assessing outcomes and impact

What is the Trusted Charity Mark?

The Trusted Charity Mark is a quality mark awarded to an organisation after an external assessment. It is a nationally-recognised award.

  • Organisations will have applied for the quality mark after completing their Trusted Charity self-assessment.
  • Achieving the award offers both users and funders/commissioners external verification of the quality and credibility of an organisation.

Organisations that have implemented Trusted Charity will have:

  • improved the way they work – providing a better quality of service to those that rely on their organisation
  • more efficient organisational systems and procedures – freeing up much needed time and energy to focus on what really matters
  • engaged their whole organisation – involving everyone in the process of improving the way they work
  • provided greater credibility and legitimacy – by reassuring beneficiaries, supporters, donors, volunteers and staff who want to know their organisation is well run, accountable and transparent.

Levels of achievement

Each quality area consists of two levels of achievement, allowing organisations of varying size to choose the most suitable option. The level is chosen according to:

  • its staff capacity
  • resources
  • organisational culture
  • working patterns.

The external assessment is carried out by Trusted Charity Mark assessors – members of the voluntary and community sector who were specially trained and supported by NCVO to carry out assessments of organisations against the Trusted Charity standards.

Level 1

Level 1 lays the foundation on which to build a strong organisation. When an organisation achieves level 1 in all quality areas, they will be able to show that they have:

  • met their legal obligations
  • put in place basic systems and structures which protect the rights of their users and employees.

Level 2

Once an organisation demonstrates they have met the indicators for level 1, they may decide to plan further improvements by aiming to achieve level 2.

This involves an evidence-based self-assessment asking whether the organisation meets each of the indicators in a quality area and supporting this with objective evidence.


The cost of an assessment depends on:

  • the size of your organisation
  • the number of sites you operate across
  • the assurance level at which you are assessed

These prices are based on organisations with one site or office.

From April 2020, prices include:

  • all assessor expenses
  • certification and award.

‘Full-time equivalent staff’ includes all paid staff and excludes volunteers.

Full-time equivalent members of staff

Level 1

Level 2

0 to 5



6 to 15



16 to 25



26 to 49



50 to 100












801+ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

VAT will be applied to fees for organisations.

If you are a member of NCVO or WCVA you’ll get a 10% discount off the fees.

Trusted Charity Mark assessment timeline

Trusted Charity Mark assessment process. All timescales are approximate and subject to negotiation between the assessor(s) and the organisation under assessment. START: Complete your Trusted Charity self-assessment. WEEK 1: Submit Trusted Charity Mark application. WEEK 4: Plan timescales for your assessment. WEEK 6: Submit key documents for your desktop review. WEEK 10: Assesors visit your organisation and advise you of their findings. WEEK 12: Receive a detailed report of your assessment. If no improvment actions are required you will receive your award and logo around week 14. If improvement actions are required you will have eight weeks to implement them in order receive your award around week 22. Your award is valid for three years.

For more information on the Trusted Charity Mark, see:

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