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Trusted Charity

Trusted Charity are continuing to deliver services to existing and new customers during covid-19. Delivery has been adapted to carry out remote workshops and assessments. This has enabled full quality standards journeys to be delivered and completed online.

Trusted Charity is a straightforward process designed to help you run your organisation more effectively and efficiently. It sets out what organisations need to have in place to ensure sound governance practices, proper financial and risk management systems, and a reliable system for measuring outcomes.


Benefits of Trusted Charity

Implementing Trusted Charity means that you will:

  • improve the way you work – providing a better quality of service to those that rely on your organisation.
  • have more efficient organisational systems and procedures – freeing up much needed time and energy to focus on what really matters to you and your organisation.
  • engage your whole organisation – involving everyone in the process of improving the way you work will bring fresh ideas, new ways of working and a renewed commitment to the changes you bring about.
  • provide greater credibility and legitimacy – reassuring beneficiaries, supporters, donors, volunteers and staff who want to know that your organisation is well run, accountable and transparent.
  • commit to organisational learning and continuous improvement – rather than a ‘one off’ process, you will be supported to regularly review progress against defined Trusted Charity indicators.

Attend a free two-hour Introduction to Trusted Charity workshop

What’s involved?

The Trusted Charity journey consists of two processes:

  • Implementation through self-assessment and attending training
  • External assessment and awarding of quality mark.


You can implement Trusted Charity using an online self-assessment tool that helps your organisation to take a systematic look at what you do, identify areas where you are doing well and where you could do better. It helps you to plan, budget and allocate resources for making these improvements over a set period of time.

Implementing Trusted Charity usually takes anything from three months to over a year, depending on the size and capacity of your organisation. 

The trusted charity self-assessment is an online tool that will enable you to:

  • see your organisation’s self-assessment dashboard and manage the progress you are making in addressing each quality area
  • upload documents as evidence against indicators and create an evidence library of documents
  • create and manage actions for indicators, including generating an overall action plan.

The online toolkit is available to use in English or in Welsh.

You are able to undertake different two levels for the Trusted Charity self-assessment and the quality mark. Find out more about Trusted Charity levels.

Once you have purchased Trusted Charity online we strongly recommend that you attend our one day Implementing Trusted Charity training. See a full list of training dates on our events page.


Your subscription to the online toolkit is valid for 12 months and can be renewed annually. The price is dependent on number of FTE staff. Members of NCVO and WCVA benefit from a 10% discount.

 With an annual online subscription, organisations will receive a free ‘Trusted Charity in Practice’ guide book that provides them with step-by-step guidance on undertaking their self-assessment and implementing the Trusted Charity standards within their organisation.


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Quality mark

Once you have implemented Trusted Charity, you can achieve the Trusted Charity Mark.

This quality mark is awarded following external validation by an independent assessor, and is a demonstration of excellence throughout your organisation. Achieving the mark also gives funders a clear indication of the quality of your work.

Find out more about the eleven quality areas

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The team

  • Nick Snow, trusted charity programme manager
  • Jill Pearson, trusted charity senior officer
  • Chanel Brooks, trusted charity officer

Trusted Charity mentors

We have approximately 20 Trusted Charity mentors trained and licenced by NCVO to provide support, training and advice on Trusted Charity implementation across the UK and Ireland. All our mentors have different skills and areas of expertise, and offer different services.

A mentor can help your organisation with:

  • the self-assessment process
  • setting up working groups
  • providing one-to-one support
  • presenting to your trustees or leadership group
  • providing on-site training for your staff
  • supporting you through the assurance process.

 A mentor can’t:

  • assess or award organisations
  • tell organisations whether they are in a position to be awarded.

If you’d like support from a Trusted Charity mentor, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll put you in touch with someone in your area. Mentor fees and levels of expertise can vary, so we advise you to contact two or three in the first instance to get an idea of the costs.

In December 2018, PQASSO quality standard was renamed Trusted Charity. Read more about this change and why we have made it



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