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Help and support with requesting DBS checks

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If you process more than 100 checks per year, you can register your organisation to carry out DBS checks on your staff, volunteers and trustees.

If you need fewer than 100 standard or enhanced checks in a year, you’ll need to use a service (called an umbrella organisation) to process them.

For basic checks, you can either process them as an organisation, via an umbrella organisation, or ask the individual to request the check and share it with you.

  • All DBS checks have costs that vary according to their level.
  • Some standard or enhanced checks for volunteer roles that meet certain criteria and are eligible may be free of charge.
  • Checking services will add administration fees to the cost of the check. You should make a judgement call on whether these are reasonable.
  • Although many levels of check are carried out by the organisation, the disclosure certificate is sent directly to the person it relates to.

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