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Asking about someone's criminal history

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If you decide it’s relevant to know whether a potential new staff member or volunteer has a criminal record, plus the details of it, remember that:

  • they don’t have to volunteer any information unless you ask for it
  • they should only be asked once they've met other recruitment criteria and after you’ve made them a conditional offer (but before they start in the role)
  • you can use a criminal record self-disclosure form so that people understand how to answer
  • most convictions and all reprimands, cautions and warnings are considered ‘spent’ after a period of time, and in most cases people have a legal right not to disclose them
  • you should have a policy in place for the recruitment of ex-offenders
  • this doesn’t include a subject access request (which is designed to find out any information the police hold about them). You cannot ask this as part of the criminal history check.

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This page was last reviewed for accuracy on 26 April 2023

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