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  1. Using our plan for choosing new software or tools

    Use this page to understand why you should plan software selection and how you should approach it.

  2. Setting out your new software project

    Use this page to learn about the first steps you should take before you begin to think about new software. They help you set out what you already know.

  3. Working out what the software or tool needs to do

    Use this page to help you prioritise the things that matter most to your organisation and the people who'll use the new technology.

  4. Getting ideas and support when choosing software

    How to compare and consider different digital tools and software

  5. Comparing software and making decisions

    Use this page to understand how to create a comparison grid (or assessment framework) and make decisions around digital tools

  6. Reflection and learning about software or tools

    How to test and learn to make sure you're using the right tools in the right way

  7. Rolling out software and tools across an organisation

    Use this page for practical tips on ways to drive software and technology adoption within your organisation.

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