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Even over statements

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What the tool is

Developing even over statements is a way to explore tradeoffs (when deciding to do something means you won’t be able to do something else).

Why you should use it

Even over statements guide decision-making by helping you understand what trade offs there will be (when deciding to do something means you won’t be able to do something else).

They can bring your strategy to life by describing what is most important to you and what compromises you will make. They can also help your staff and volunteers to make difficult decisions which are in line with your strategy.

When you should use it

This tool is helpful if you feel that you have a lot of good options for your strategy, but some are in tension (both can’t be achieved at the same time). It is useful when you know you need to make some hard choices.

How to use the tool

An even over statement is a phrase containing two positive things, where the former is prioritised over the latter.

A good thing even over another good thing

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Last reviewed: 04 July 2022

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