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About these safeguarding pages

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About these pages

These pages outline simple steps that voluntary organisations in England can take to ensure that they are run in a way that actively prevents staff, volunteers and everyone they come into contact with from suffering harm, harassment, bullying, abuse and neglect.

The resources were developed collaboratively by an NCVO-led partnership.

Partners who contributed and shaped the site:

Networks whose members supported the development:

  • Charities HR Network
  • The National Adult Safeguarding Network
  • Third Sector Safeguarding Network
  • National Youth Safeguarding Forum

The site was developed with digital agency Neontribe, content agency Crocstar and with advice from professional services firm Bates Wells.

Some of the specialist guides were developed with additional partner organisations who are named on the introductory page for that guide.

We are grateful to all the staff, volunteers and service users who contributed to the development of the site through user research sessions, usability testing, workshops and surveys. If you’d like to read about the process we produced a blog about our user research.

About our advice

The site provides give general information only and is not a substitute for specific legal advice about your situation. The pages were published in October 2019.

Organisations which delivers specifically regulated services for children or adults at risk– such as those offering care and support – will have additional obligations. See NCVO's legal assistance page for suggested sources of advice for voluntary organisations.


Last reviewed: 18 June 2021

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