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Why teamwork is important

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Use this page to understand the importance of team working in voluntary organisations.

How teamwork can help

Organisations are much more likely to meet their goals when their people work effectively as a team. This is because good teamwork creates synergy – where the combined effect of the team is greater than the sum of individual efforts.

A team can bring together individual perspectives, experiences and skills to solve complex problems. This can create new solutions and ideas that may be beyond the scope of any individual.

Good teamwork benefits individuals too. It allows colleagues to support and learn from each other, and creates a sense of belonging and commitment.

Why teamwork matters for voluntary organisations

Good teamwork is essential in any organisation. But it can be particularly beneficial in charities and voluntary organisations.

Charities and voluntary organisations:

  • are constantly adapting to changes in government policy
  • have a culture of participation and democratic forms of decision making
  • need to consider the views of multiple stakeholders and service users
  • attract trustees, employees and volunteers who often have strong and passionate views
  • often have limited resources and budgets.

Many of these features are great strengths. But they can also make it harder to work in a unified way as a team.

It’s important to establish good teamwork practices so you can overcome these challenges.

If you get this right, an effective team can:

  • apply a mix of skills that go beyond the scope of any one individual
  • solve complex problems that take more than one mind
  • generate new ideas
  • coordinate individual activities towards a common bigger goal
  • provide help and support to team members
  • give people a sense of belonging
  • enhance communication
  • help people to learn from each other and develop
  • generate commitment.

The following pages in this step-by-step guide can help you achieve this.

This page was last reviewed for accuracy on 01 August 2023

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