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Charity governance code guide for micro charities


A guide to applying the principles of the Charity Governance Code, specially adapted for the smallest organisations.

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The latest edition of the Charity Governance Code (was published in 2017. There are two versions for larger and smaller charities falling above and below a £1m a year income.

Since publication of the code we have heard from our smallest members – those we sometimes describe as micro – that although the small version of the code's principles apply to them the recommended practice often requires adaption. Given this we decided to develop some bespoke guidance for small and micro organisations with no staff and incomes less than £100,000.

While the principles, key outcomes and legal and regulatory context are taken direct from the Code, the rest of the toolkit is tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of these micro voluntary organisations.

This page was last reviewed for accuracy on 26 July 2022

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