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Environmental Policy

Carbon Smart programme

Carbon Smart Gold Certified 2017To take a proactive stance and address our contribution to climate change, our organisation has committed to the Carbon Smart programme. Being Carbon Smart means taking an intelligent and flexible approach to reducing our carbon footprint.

Our Carbon Smart Certification (pdf, 741KB) demonstrates the practical actions we have taken to actively reduce our environmental impact. It clearly demonstrates our commitment to customers, staff and the sector. Just like recycling, the Carbon Smart Certification makes improving our environmental performance part of the everyday running of our business.

Read the Carbon Smart report for NCVO: Carbon footprint report for the Carbon Smart Gold Certification (pdf, 780KB - July 2017)

The new fourth floor office build design is in harmony with the surrounding area and uses modern build processes that are both environmentally friendly and resource efficient.

Build components include:

  • use of photovoltaic panels, using renewable solar energy to minimise the reliance on outside sourced power and generating exportable power
  • air source heat pump system to lower the building's carbon emissions by 35%.


NCVO has signed up to the Green procurement Code and after revising our catering options, we have made considerable changes that will help us to provide lower carbon menus that include (where possible and viable) locally sourced organic and Fairtrade produce.

Other sustainability features include:

  • all conference suite disposable crockery, cutlery and cups are produced from sustainable resources and are 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • mains water filtration machines are available in all meeting rooms
  • we send 0% of our waste to landfill
  • all food waste is sent for anaerobic digestion, producing biogas and biofertiliser
  • the flip chart paper we use is made from recycled paper
  • we operate a simple system for recycling in all conference rooms.

To find out more please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 020 7520 2404.

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