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Evaluation and impact reporting

Identify what difference your work has made, what has gone well and where you can improve. This section explores how to generate evaluation findings and to report clearly in an appropriate format.

  1. How and why to report on impact

  2. Analysing data

  3. Reporting your findings

  4. How to analyse quantitative data for evaluation

    Analysis involves finding patterns and themes in the data you have collected for your evaluation to make sense of it. Analysing your data will help you report on it effectively and use it to make decisions.

  5. How to analyse qualitative data for evaluation

    Analysing qualitative data will help you produce findings on the nature of change that individuals or organisations you work with have experienced.

  6. How to write an evaluation report

    Guite to writing an evaluation report helps you share key findings and recommendations with internal and external stakeholders.

  7. How to use creative reporting formats for evaluation

    Guide to communicating your findings in a way that will encourage people to read them and take action

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