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Respond to discrimination

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This page is about how to respond to discrimination occurring in your organisation.

Everyone has a right to live their life free from discrimination and harassment. If you are concerned about what is happening to you or others in your organisation, and feel able to, you should always speak up.

By identifying and reporting discrimination, everyone can be kept safe from harm. Even if you are not certain, you should report your concern.

When deciding what action to take, you will need to think about what you are trying to achieve and what your rights are in that situation. These can vary depending on whether you are an employee, a volunteer or if you are accessing the organisation’s activities. 

If your organisation has a relevant policy and people you trust to take action – consider speaking to them first. They should help you take the right steps within the organisation. If not, you could approach your board of trustees. They are responsible for ensuring the organisation is abiding by the law and following its own policies.

If you feel this would be inappropriate, your report got no response or if you want further guidance use the information below. 

What do I do if I am worried about discrimination or harassment in my organisation?

The following information can help with next steps you can take.

Last reviewed: 20 August 2021

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