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Why involve volunteers

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Involving volunteers can add great value to what your organisation does. Here are some of the benefits of involving volunteers.

Access to skills

Volunteers bring a wide range of skills, experience and knowledge to your organisation.

This builds on the resources it already has and can help achieve its mission and goals.

Wider reach

By involving volunteers, you’ll be able to reach and help more people.

Volunteers are often part of the communities you work or fundraise in. By giving them a great experience, you can inspire them to become your greatest advocates.

Creating opportunities

Providing volunteer opportunities helps people connect with others, learn new skills and gain confidence.

It often helps them find routes to employment and can improve health and wellbeing too.

More relevance

Volunteers can bring new opinions, ideas and approaches to your work.

This can help you adapt, stay relevant to what people need from your organisation, and find new ways to improve.

Next steps

If your organisation wants to achieve these things, involving volunteers could help.

To do this well, you'll need to support your volunteers and give them a positive experience. To start this process, see our guidance on planning for volunteers.

Last reviewed: 12 April 2021

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