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Coordinating volunteers

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It’s important that volunteers have someone to support them. This helps them do their role well and be safe.

It takes time to recruit, train and support volunteers. This should be a clear part of someone's role, not added to an already busy workload.

Volunteer coordinator roles

A volunteer coordinator is generally responsible for organising volunteers.

Some organisations call this role a volunteer manager or volunteer organiser.

A volunteer coordinator's role often includes:

  • creating roles for volunteers
  • recruiting, onboarding and inducting volunteers
  • supporting and supervising volunteers
  • troubleshooting volunteer issues
  • highlighting the role volunteers play in the organisation and evaluating their impact
  • ensuring that the experience of volunteering is inclusive and accessible
  • training and developing volunteers and helping them progress into new roles.

Volunteer management in other roles

Sometimes people responsible for volunteers have other job titles or roles. Working with volunteers will still be an important part of their job.

For example, a fundraising manager might have to supervise volunteers at events.

Volunteer management is a unique and valuable skill. It's important to make sure anyone working with volunteers has the time, knowledge and resources to do this well.

Support for volunteer coordinators

Last reviewed: 12 April 2021

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