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Overview of options charities can take to divest from fossil fuels

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There are different approaches to divestment and not all charities are the same.

When making any decisions about investments, trustees need to show they:

  • are acting in the best interests of their charity
  • have taken account of all relevant factors.

This will normally involve taking advice from someone who is experienced in investment matters.

The Charity Commission sets out trustees’ investment duties in full in their guidance below. If your charity does decide to divest, we ask that you choose one of the following approaches based on what best suits your charity’s circumstances.

Read guidance from the Charity Commission on Charities and investment matters: a guide for trustees (CC14) (sections 3.2 and 5).

Share your decision

Whichever commitment you choose, maximise the impact of your decision by sharing with your donors, supporters, and the wider public.

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