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Guidance for charities considering divesting from fossil fuels

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This guide below is for charities who are considering divesting from fossil fuels. It will help you understand the steps you need to take when making your decision.

Thinking about your charity’s purpose with investment decision-making

Your charity’s purpose should be a central part of your investment decisions. Some charities choose to invest in a way that provides the greatest financial returns. This can then be spent on delivering their charity’s purposes.

Other charities choose to make social investments. This is where the investment itself directly helps to achieve the charity’s purpose.

The High Court recently ruled that charity trustees also have discretion when making financial investment decisions to exclude certain investments based on non-financial considerations that are in the best interests of the organisation.

What your charity should consider

Climate change is likely to have significant and widespread impacts on the UK and across the world.

As a result, we believe charities should consider:

  1. if investing in fossil fuels conflicts with their purposes
  2. whether they should exclude fossil fuel investments from their portfolio in the best interests of their organisation.

Seven steps to successful divestment

Step by step guidance to help your board consider divestment

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