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Photo of Brian Seaton

Brian Seaton


Brian started his career as an academic research biochemist. He then spent 9 years as a contributor to the international aid programmes of the UK Government, IAEA and WHO, training medical laboratory scientists in developing countries.

Returning to a more settled life in the UK, Brian joined the acute sector of the NHS. He first worked as a senior manager before becoming an executive director of health informatics. In this role, he was responsible for managing the information systems and services needed to run a large hospital.

After retiring from the NHS, Brian has been able to spend more time supporting the charity sector. As the lead trustee of Small Charity Support, he draws on his earlier experiences to provide a range of guidance for trustees. In particular, the typical non-accountant, non-lawyer volunteer trustees running the 75% of ‘small’ charities in their spare time with minimal or no paid professional administrative support.

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