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Red Godfrey Sagoo

Red Godfrey Sagoo


Red has a lifelong commitment to gender equality and human rights. She’s worked in a variety of roles supporting humanitarian causes and crises.

Red began her career in the UK as an art director in the advertising industry, before transitioning to the charity sector in the United States. There she worked as an emergency services director for the American Red Cross.

She went on to work at United Way Greater Los Angeles and Special Olympics California. In these roles she worked to address food poverty and educational inequalities for marginalised groups, and social integration for those with intellectual disabilities.

Returning to Europe, she continued her humanitarian commitments. Her work with Safe Passage and Citizens UK focused on the crisis impacting unaccompanied minors across refugee camps. She also worked with women survivors of human trafficking at Sophie Hayes Foundation.

In her current role as director of inclusive economies at Thomson Reuters Foundation, Red leads the Foundation’s focus on global human rights. Her work focuses on the ‘social’ aspect of environmental social and governance (ESG) and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Red has served as the chair of the Management Committee for the Commonwealth's 8.7 Network. She was a trustee for Anti-Slavery International, UN Women UK and National Voices.

Red is also a member of NCVO’s people, culture and inclusion committee.

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