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Around a quarter of voluntary organisations receive funding from government, often for delivering vital public services. In 2017/18 the voluntary sector received £15.7bn (29%) of its income in the form of contracts and grants from government.

The voluntary sector can help to transform public services – not just by delivering services but also by shaping service design. Many voluntary organisations have pioneered the services they provide – by being the first to identify and meet a need and then persuading the state to take responsibility for making the necessary services universally available.

Voluntary organisations often have a unique perspective on how to improve services. Often based within the communities they work with, charities bring a local expertise to public service delivery and are able to reach and provide a voice for some of the most marginalised and isolated people.

Through research, policy, influencing, training and guidance NCVO seeks to reduce the barriers which prevent charities from playing a fuller role in public services. 


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