Charity ethical principles

NCVO has developed a set of ethical priniciples for the charity sector. These principles provide an overarching framework for voluntary organisations to guide decision-making, good judgement and conduct. Endorsement of the principles is voluntary, but all charities are encouraged to reflect on the principles in their work and decision-making.

How we developed the principles

We developed a set of draft principles for consultation by drawing on existing codes of conduct and ethical principles, including:

The draft was discussed at a roundtable event chaired by Dame Mary Marsh. Participants included representatives from:

  • international charities
  • small charities
  • charity retail
  • charity fundraising
  • children’s charities
  • older people’s charities
  • disability charities
  • healthcare charities
  • charities working with volunteers and/or young people
  • sub-sector bodies.

We then ran a consultation to ensure the final version was based on feedback from the widest possible range of organisations. Read a summary of the consultation feedback.

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