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Campaigning is about creating change – for people, for causes and for the long term. It brings energy and passion to public debates and ensures that a wider range of voices are heard, including the voices of the disadvantaged. Charities have a long-established role in campaigning, in starting public debates and in holding the government to account. By speaking out about the causes that matter to them, charities have shaped changes in behaviour, public attitudes and government policy, helping to make the world a better place.

Research from NCVO’s Almanac shows that just 8% of charity sector volunteers identified as campaigners in 2014-15.

Charity sector campaigning is widely accepted and according to a 2014 opinion poll by NFP Synergy, some 58% of people think that charities should be able to campaign to change laws and policies relevant to their causes. The same poll showed that 96% of people didn’t see campaigning as a reason not to give money to a charity.

Our campaigning and lobbying page sets out NCVO’s training and support resources for charities and individual campaigners. You can also find practical advice and information on campaigning on NCVO Knowhow.

What we're working on

A resolution to the anti-lobbying clause

NCVO have persuaded the government to recognise a fundamental flaw in the anti-lobbying clause that would have restricted the campaigning rights of charities. Read more about our work on the anti-lobbying clause

The Lobbying Act and the implementation of Hodgson’s recommendations

NCVO support Lord Hodsgon’s recommended changes to the Lobbying Act and are working with the government to create a deal that’s fair on charities. See Elizabeth Chamberlain's blogpost about Lord Hodsgon's recommendations.


NCVO are working to preserve the rights and freedoms of voluntary organisations as we prepare to leave the European Union. See our Brexit policy page for more details of what we’re doing.

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