A vision for levelling up

Charities have a deep understanding of the inequality experienced by the communities and people they support. We have a vision for how levelling up should improve the wellbeing of people, places and the planet.

  • An economy that works for all people and the planet, where the goals of prosperity and justice go hand-in-hand. This means creating rewarding green jobs and inclusive work opportunities, and supporting people experiencing barriers to access, and thrive in, work.
  • Everyone has a safe home and enough money to live a good life. This means high-quality, affordable and accessible housing. It includes tackling the debt crisis and ensuring access to sufficient social security.
  • Everyone can benefit from good physical and mental health and wellbeing. People’s social and economic situations affect their health. This means that all decisions made by the government need to address the social factors that can affect our health. It includes removing barriers to health services, as well as spaces that support wellbeing, like parks and leisure centres.
  • Support for communities to learn, work and live together in ways that strengthen the fabric of our society. This means addressing loneliness and the digital divide, as well as investing in organisations that build bridges between groups and communities.[1]
  • People have the support they need to participate in society and the economy, live with dignity, and make decisions about their own lives. This means reforming social care for working-age Disabled people and older people, drawing on the expertise of people who use it.
  • A society and environment that is inclusive and accessible for all. This means that all transport, the wider built environment, and other infrastructure projects are inclusive by design.
  • A society where people and institutions are subject and accountable to the law. Where the legal system underpins and promotes the rights and freedoms of everyone, and is available to us all.
  • A society where we are free from violence and abuse. This means that the legal, political, economic and cultural systems work to end violence and abuse, and prevent discrimination and hate.

These goals are interdependent:

  • Reforming social care can support working-age Disabled people to work and create rewarding local jobs.[2]
  • Improving transport and housing can support people to get to, and stay in, work.
  • Ensuring people have safe homes and enough money to live supports improved health and wellbeing.


  1. All-Party Parliamentary Group on Loneliness (2021) A Connected Recovery: Findings of the APPG on Loneliness Inquiry

This page was last reviewed for accuracy on 05 August 2021