How charities are responding to covid-19

Charities are currently experiencing increased demand due to the impact of the coronavirus. Many of these organisations are now working on the front line in the fight against the virus, complementing the work of the NHS. These organisations include hospices and care homes looking after the elderly and shielded, charities supporting volunteers in health services, community organisations arranging for food provision to those in poverty, mental health and domestic violence charities. If these organisations close their doors or furlough staff, the result would be increased pressure on the NHS and other public services.

The services charities provide help to support and in places prop up the public sector. Without their support, the public sector would face extreme strain in delivering services. In particular, local charities provide services to meet the needs of communities; many local authorities commission charities to carry out services. If these charities become insolvent, such services will either have to be delivered by the local authority or, more likely, withdrawn.

This page was last reviewed for accuracy on 11 May 2020