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Fossil-free investment agreement

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This is a set of principles you commit to follow if your charity does not currently invest in fossil fuels.

Confirm – no investments in fossil fuels

Confirm your charity has no fossil fuel investments and commits to not investing in fossil fuels in future.

Acknowledge – the impact of climate change

Acknowledge that the disastrous impact of climate change will be widespread and will be likely to widen social inequality.

Charities exist to make the world a better place, it will be difficult to achieve this goal if we allow climate change to continue.

We think it’s important we do not invest in an industry that continues to extract our natural resources. Evidence shows that to keep global warming below 2°C, we need to leave about 80% of the fossil fuel industry’s current reserves underground.

Support - growing voluntary sector commitment

Support the increasing number of organisations who are committing to divest from these corporations in some way.

Charities are making this decision for a range of reasons. These include:

  • addressing social inequality
  • operational risk
  • financial risk
  • reputational risk.

Learn more on our page exploring reasons to consider fossil fuel divestment.

Aim to support this movement by adding your voice to it. 

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