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Other memberships with NCVO

NCVO exists to champion voluntary action by addressing challenges and supporting voluntary organisations in England. But there are important ways you can get involved and benefit from our range of services.

NCVO Corporate Membership

NCVO Corporate membership allows your business to raise its profile amongst voluntary sector organisations and enhance its Corporate Social Responsibility. Corporate members receive information on developments in civil society and can attend high-profile networking opportunities.

International Membership

International membership equips organisations outside the UK with access to NCVO tools and resources, enabling them to contribute to the movement towards a global civil society.

Public Sector Membership

NCVO strengthens connections between the public sector and the voluntary sector as we face issues together. Join fellow public sector organisations from local and central government, higher education, health and the emergency services, and our national parks.

Membership organisations in other UK nations

While NCVO membership is for organisations in England, our sister councils support voluntary action in other UK nations:

Together, we make sure the voluntary sector can do what it does best.

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