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Trustees Unlimited offers voluntary organisations a professional and cost-effective service to recruit trustees from across the private, public and voluntary sectors.

Trustees unlimited 200px logo1They source potential trustees from multiple channels, including their own database of 2,000 senior people from the private, public and civil society sectors who have a variety of functional backgrounds. Their reach is broad in terms of candidates’ backgrounds and locations, and they place great emphasis on trying to attract young and diverse candidates when appropriate.

A sister service, Non-Executives Unlimited, is also available as a provider of NCVO trustedsupplier logo colournonexecutive recruitment.

NCVO members

NCVO members can register and advertise trustee vacancies to the Trustee Unlimited network for free. 


  • A wide gene pool (not voluntary sector specific)
  • A rigorous vetting process
  • A shortlist delivered just 10 days after taking the initial brief
  • A 'board ready' trustee who can be inducted and developed through NCVO/Bates Wells

About Trustees Unlimited

Trustees Unlimited is owned by Russam and is a solution to the problem many organisations face – trying to recruit high quality trustees and non executives in a rigorous and yet cost effective way.

Since its launch, over 1,000 professionals looking for trustee roles have signed up to Trustees Unlimited. There has been significant demand for trustees from not-for-profit organisations of all sizes and several trustee placements have been made in large not for profit organisations, such as Christian Aid and smaller organisations such as London-based, Community Options.

Advice and support


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