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Volunteering and coronavirus: How you can help



  • How do you consistently motivate people to volunteer their time and skills to your organisation?
  • How do you develop and support the volunteers you rely on to undertake a diverse range of roles to add value and fresh perspectives?
  • How do you ensure volunteering works for your organisation on a strategic level to help you maximise impact and achieve the best for your beneficiaries and your mission?

How NCVO consultancy can help

NCVO offers a unique experience of volunteer research and good practice in volunteer management. Through our research and networks that include volunteer managers and local volunteer centres, we keep in touch with emerging problems and innovative practices. Using this knowledge and experience we can help you adapt and respond to issues affecting volunteering in your organisation and identify appropriate forms of support and development as your needs change over time.

Volunteering organisations are having to tackle questions about how best – in shifting social and political environments – to provide an experience that will keep volunteers volunteering and ensure high quality services for beneficiaries. As people make new demands about how, or why, they give their time, existing practice and old habits may have to be challenged.

NCVO can help at every stage of the volunteer experience, and with volunteer management, from recruitment to reviewing and improving complex policy and practice.

NCVO consultancy services

Volunteer experience, best practice and legislation

We can help you and your organisation:

  • manage the quality of the volunteer experience in a range of contexts, adopt good practices and operate within legislative and regulatory frameworks
  • adopt key principles of volunteer management and develop bespoke resources to help underpin good practice
  • with approaches to recruiting volunteers – including trustees
  • evaluate the impact of volunteer involvement for services, beneficiaries/service users, the community and the volunteers
  • interpret existing data and research to develop volunteering strategy.

Training and support

We can help with:

  • short-term consultancy projects developed collaboratively to meet your specific needs
  • independent and impartial support, over time, when required
  • developing skills and knowledge in your organisation to manage, and work effectively, with volunteers
  • training through bespoke or open courses focussed on solving problems in policy and practice
  • evaluation, impact assessment and in-depth research, drawing on internationally recognised research-based knowledge and robust research methods. 

Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV)

We can help with:

  • an introduction to Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV) to help you understand the potential of ESV for your staff, your organisation and help you get started
  • bespoke, one-to-one support from an NCVO consultant with any aspect of your ESV programme, including the development of a programme from scratch
  • developing the policies and procedures you need to underpin your programme
  • evaluating and measuring the impact and effectiveness of your programme.

Quality accreditation for volunteering 

Investing in Volunteers (IiV) is the UK quality standard for good practice in volunteer management. 

If you would like to benchmark the quality of your volunteer management and involvement, prove and improve the effectiveness of your work with volunteers and enhance your organisation's reputation, Investing in Volunteers is the ideal quality standard.

Contact us

To find out more about how NCVO consultancy can help you and your organisation, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Senior consultant, volunteering or call 020 7520 2420.

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