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Volunteering strategy and management

In need of a volunteering reboot?

The impact of covid-19, improvements in technology and changes in society have all made organisations think differently about how to harness the power of volunteering. And during challenging times volunteers have played a crucial role in delivering services and increasing capacity.

Covid-19 continues to pose challenges. Charities are having to make difficult decisions that impact on their volunteering programmes. We’ve seen a rise in more informal, remote and ad hoc volunteer roles. And we continue to see the inequalities in society in volunteering practice.

But there’s also plenty of opportunities. We can help you grow your volunteering programme so it's more diverse, inclusive and fits the priorities of your organisation. With our unique insight into sector practice and drawing on the latest research and data, we’re here to support your organisation.

The needs of your organisation

We have a wealth of experience in supporting organisations. Use our volunteering reboot service to help overcome the challenges of covid-19 and build an even better volunteering offer. We can help if you're:

  • reopening services and want to grow your volunteer workforce
  • seeking to attract or support more diverse volunteers and ensure you’re inclusive
  • keen to review your existing approach to volunteering and offer more opportunities
  • interested in exploring new and innovative approaches
  • seeking to better support, train and develop those who lead your volunteers
  • in need of support on how to make a strong case for volunteering
  • looking to understanding the latest thinking in volunteering policy and how to make the most of it
  • needing specialist advice or guidance on volunteering on complex areas.

How our consultancy service can help


Our team are experts in leading independent appraisals. We'll offer an external perspective on your approach to volunteering and work with you to identify how to put best practice in place.

Strategy design

We can support you in designing and establishing a volunteering strategy. And make sure it addresses the challenges and complexity of the world around us and sets you up to succeed.

Diversity and inclusion

We know inequalities in society are often replicated in volunteering. Whether you’re looking to change the age profile of your volunteers or better reflect the communities you serve, we can work with you to consider key steps for developing more inclusive volunteering practice.

Understanding impact

Our experts in monitoring and evaluation can work with our volunteering specialists to help build capacity. We can support in designing systems so that you understand the difference your volunteers are making. This can attract funding and help you know where to focus.

Specialist technical advice and increased capacity

We can help you understand the impact of covid-19 on volunteering, choose the right software to manage volunteers or make sense of the legalities of volunteering in particular contexts.

Funding volunteering

We can help you find sources of funding and write bids or business plans to support volunteering.


We have a well-established programme of training topics on volunteer management which can be delivered inhouse. We also offer bespoke training which meets the unique needs of your organisation.

Contact us

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