NCVO’s gender pay gap data

NCVO believes in equality of opportunity for all. Although NCVO employs fewer than 250 staff and is therefore not required to publish gender pay gap information, we have chosen to and encourage other organisations in the sector to do so as well.

Median and mean hourly earnings

At 5 April 2017, the median and mean male and female hourly earnings were as follows:

Male hourly earnings (£)Female hourly earnings (£)Difference (£)Single figure pay gap (%)
Median 22.85 20.01 2.84 12.43
Mean 24.32 20.92 3.40 13.98

The mean male and female hourly earnings by quartile at 5 April 2017 were:

Mean male hourly earnings (£)Mean female hourly earnings (£)Difference (£)Mean single figure pay gap (%)
Quartile 1 14.87 15.87 -0.91 -6.06
Quartile 2 18.14 19.39 -1.25 -6.92
Quartile 3 22.13 22.76 -0.63 -2.84
Quartile 4 33.99 30.24 3.75 11.03

The information shows that in quartiles 1 to 3, a negative gender pay gap exists as women’s average hourly earnings are higher than men’s. In the upper quartile, a gender pay gap of 11% exists, reflecting the fact that three of the four members of the senior management team are men. This also means that a gender pay gap exists when median and mean average earnings are compared.

By grade

Gender pay gap data by grade shows that NCVO pays men and women on the same grades the same salary for the work they do. Where there is a slight difference, this is largely because staff start at an entry point on recruitment and move to the grade point only after their first year of employment.

Hourly mean male f/t earnings (£)Hourly mean female f/t earnings (£)Difference (£)Single figure pay gap (%)
Directors 47.47 47.47 0 0
Grade A 30.94 30.97 0 0
Grade B 26.63 25.82 0.81 3.04
Grade C 22.66 22.62 0.04 0.18
Grade D 20.01 19.11 0.90 4.52
Grade E 16.67 16.72 -0.05 -0.30
Grade F* 0 15.38 0 0
Trainee 11.36 11.78 -0.42 -3.70

* No male staff at these grades

Like many employers in the voluntary sector, NCVO employs more women than men but there are proportionately more women than men in lower grades and in part time roles. We have a range of family friendly and flexible working policies to support parents and carers. This includes supporting women who take time off to have children and assisting with their return to work. We offer enhanced maternity pay, paternity pay and shared parental pay, flexible working hours, and encourage and support remote working. NCVO is proud of its flexible, family-friendly employment policies and practices, and in a recent staff survey these were identified by staff as one of the reasons they liked working at NCVO.

NCVO encourages all organisations regardless of size to consider publishing their gender pay gap data. If you have 250 or more employees, you are legally required to report on your gender pay gap by April 2018. Our expert partner Croner can provide help with your analysis and reporting.

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