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NCVO offers a number of publications which can be downloaded instantly from our website.

NCVO produces publications to support all people working in voluntary and community organisations. We produce practical how-to guides, accessible policy outlines, research reports and toolkits on a variety of topics.

A Synthesis of Published Research on Youth Mentoring and Befriending

This review, by Dr Kate Philip and Jenny Spratt of the University of Aberdeen, brings together evidence about research and practice in youth mentoring and befriending in the UK. It highlights both positive and negative findings on the value of these interventions.

APS Good Practice Examples for Projects Working in the Justice Sector

A document that enables mentoring projects working in the justice sector to look at specific examples of how other projects have implemented the Approved Provider Standard.

Art of Raising Money


Learn techniques developed in the commercial world to help make your income generation sustainable, integrated and rewarding.


£ 14.50
Befriending Works: Building resilience in local communities

A report that provides an overview of how befriending can contribute to improving the health and wellbeing outcomes of vulnerable people at risk of social isolation or exclusion from mainstream society.

Better Communication = Better Governance

A guide to the board's role in effective communication within an organisation and externally, and the resulting influence on performance.

£ 10.00
Campaigning for Success

A practical guide that looks at how to run a successful campaign, and how to cope if you achieve your campaign goal.

£ 11.50
Campaigning in Collaboration

Practical lessons from the experiences of voluntary organisations who have campaigned together.

£ 11.50
From Here to There

A guide to leading change within your organisation and planning for the future.

£ 10.00
Good Guide to Campaigning and Influencing

Everything you need to know about the stages of a campaigns cycle, from analysis and planning, to delivery and evaluation.


£ 25.00
Good Guide to Financial Management

The new edition of our guide to all aspects of good financial management for charities and voluntary organisations.

£ 25.00
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