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NCVO’s Trusted Suppliers Complaints Procedure

NCVO works with a range of Trusted Suppliers who are selected for the quality of their products and services, the value that they offer and their experience of working with voluntary organisations. In addition to meeting our selection criteria we also expect all of our Trusted Suppliers to act in a responsible business way and adhere to our Code of Conduct.

However, if you have a complaint regarding our Trusted Suppliers, then this should initially be raised with the Supplier and this is how you should expect your complaint to be handled.

Step 1

All NCVO Trusted Suppliers have an agreed complaints-handling procedure setting out how they deal with complaints from customers referred to them by NCVO.

The Trusted Supplier will ensure that any complaint made directly to them is answered in full within ten normal working days or, in exceptional circumstances, a detailed progress report may be provided.

In addition the Trusted Supplier will notify NCVO about the complaint within two normal working days of receipt of the complaint.

We encourage you to use the Trusted Suppliers complaints procedure set out above, through which we hope you will be able to resolve the issue.

Step 2

If you are still not satisfied that your complaint has been resolved, please contact NCVO via
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We will:

Take the details of your complaint and inform the supplier that the complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction

We will investigate the complaint and respond to you within ten normal working days.

All complaints notified to us about a Trusted Supplier will be recorded by NCVO and any such complaints will be reviewed at regular meetings with the Trusted Supplier.

More than three complaints in any one year about a Trusted Supplier will trigger NCVO to investigate customer satisfaction levels with that supplier. This will include contacting a sample of customers chosen by NCVO for feedback.

The results will be fed back to the Trusted Supplier and where necessary the Trusted Supplier will develop an agreed action plan to ensure customer satisfaction levels are improved.

If unacceptable levels of complaints persist, NCVO will review the Trusted Supplier agreement and may terminate that agreement.

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